Snow….and lots of it…

So, I am very thankful to be back in Washington right now. We were flying back from my seminary graduation yesterday with a layover in Denver. However, our flight to Seattle from Denver was canceled. While Abbie is in line for the customer service desk, I call ahead to see what kind of flight arrangements we could hook up. The earliest flight that I could arrange was the evening of December 24th. However, we stayed in the customer service line (partially because we had no idea what we would do about our check luggage for the next three days!). When we get toward the front of the customer service line, they announce that they had created a new flight for Seattle at 7 am tomorrow. Well, we land tickets on that flight…and not just any tickets, but the prime real estate of exit row seats!!!

So this morning comes, and we go through security, board our plane, stow our carry ons and sit down in our seats. They close the doors, we start to taxi…and then the pilot comes on the intercom and states that our flight has just been canceled. So we pull back up, they connect the walkway to the plane and we wait. Then, the pilots comes back onto the intercom letting us know that he is not sure why, but they are not opening our door for us to get off the plane onto the walkway. Finally, the pilot comes back onto the intercom to inform us that our flight was not “un-canceled.”

So now, we are back in Washington…not at our house yet as we have heard there is a couple of feet of snow at our house. So we are staying with friends who are only at 15 inches of snow at the moment!

For both of you who read this and care…here is our update!

Thanks…and don’t try to flight to Seattle, Portland or Chicago for a while…


2 Responses

  1. Jeremy, Now you have 3 people reading your blog! I am so excited that I can keep you with you through your blog. Hope all is well!

  2. sorry, i thought you were a different Jeremy that Jenny Flemming and I both know. please disregard that last comment. Sorry!!!

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